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supporting a culture of reading in Africa

Reading for enjoyment

1. Reading is educational, but it is also fun. Reading develops the imagination; it can make you laugh and cry; it can make you wonder and ponder. It can make you passionate and committed

2. Through books, children learn about different people, places and times.  In a connected world, reading helps develop a deeper understanding of past, present and future


Reading for skills

3 .Reading helps develop important skills for employment and living productively

4. Reading helps with the development of writing skills including punctuation and spelling

5. Reading aloud helps children develop spoken language

6. Listening to someone else read can help with pronunciation and to learn new words

Reading to understand

7. Reading opens up a world of new ideas and different ways of looking at the world

8. Reading is the means through which we engage with modern forms of communication and IT

9. There is such a variety of things to read: books, newspapers, magazines, cereal boxes, web sites, road signs...Each exposes children to new vocabulary, new ideas & understanding


The Culture of Reading - why is reading so important?

The more children read, the better they become at reading.  It's that simple! 

Here are 9 more reasons why reading is so important:

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