BookBuddies Africa
supporting a culture of reading in Africa

The Visionary

Kina Robertshaw - Zambian, entrepreneur, Christian theology student

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The Educationalist

Karen Martin - British, deputy head teacher, social entrepreneur

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The Organiser

Rory Robertshaw - British, development manager, consultant 

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Who's Who 

BookBuddies is governed by a Board of Trustees and is in the process of registering under the UK Charities Act.  Meet the team: 

Pupils at the Mwala Mission School, Kanakatapa, Zambia




The Thinkers!

The Doers!



The Strategist

Ebi Osuobeni - British/Nigerian, academic, optometrist, businessman 

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The Wordsmith

Richard Higginson - British, academic, theologain, author

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